Who and What is Buddha?

Buddha was born a Prince. The children and teacher of D-kidz Sunday class discuss about how baby Prince’s name was picked by 5 wise men. The teacher told the Sunday class children that the 5th wise man was very sure that the baby Prince will be a Buddha. Conversation continues with a happy and cheeky tune song singing baby Prince’s name

SIDDHARTHA. The children ask their teacher how Prince Siddhartha behaves when he was young. “His Little Garden” emphasizes Buddha teaching on love by being kind to animals.

Throughout Prince’s childhood he was kept in the castle. His father prevented him from seeing human suffering. One day, Prince Siddhartha sneeked out from the Palace. He saw an old man, a dead man, a sick man and calm hermit. He was very sad when he saw that 4 sights. The song “The Four Sights” emphasizes on the four sights that the Prince saw. The
Prince thought if he know how people can avoid falling sick, being old and dying, everyone will be happy. He felt a little comfortable remembering the calm hermit.

The Buddha has great compassion for all beings which includes his parents, his wife and his son. With a heavy heart, the Prince decided to leave the palace to be a hermit to find true happiness and learn about life. “Under the Moonlight” song talks about how the Prince felt when he left his palace to seek for happiness.

The Prince learn from many teachers but none could tell him how to be happy. He decided to search the answer himself. He learnt that one way to purify himself was to tortured his body. He did that and he nearly died. Then he over heard someone say if the music string is being tighten too much the string will break. That teaching taught him that Middle Way leads people to be happy. “Siddhartha Taught Me The Middle Way” is a great composed song to teach children about happiness is balancing both work and play.

Mara, the Evil One, knew the Prince’s plan. Mara decided to disturbed Prince Siddhartha to seek Enlightenment. The Prince defeated Mara with love, generousity, compassion and wisdom. Siddhartha finally became Buddha beneath the Bodhi tree. The song “Beneath the Bodhi Tree” explains it all.

Why the name Buddha? you may ask. Buddha means ‘The Enlightened One’. Though The Enlighten One passed away 2500 yrs ago, His teaching still remains alive in all of us. Learn His teachings (Dhamma) and you will feel Buddha is with you all the time. Ehipassiko, “Come and See” you will know that Buddhism is about the teaching of peace and the teaching love. And the teaching of the Buddha is for all. Come and See!

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