Online Purchase Instructions

  1. Click the respective Add to Cart button for the album title that you like to purchase.
  2. A Paypal shopping cart will appear which states your current order.
  3. To purchase more than one CD of each album title, update the Quantity column as shown on the Paypal shopping cart. Click the Update Cart button.
  4. To purchase another album, click the respective Add to Cart button.
  5. Your Paypal shopping cart will be updated accordingly.
  6. Continue step 3-5 till you are done with the purchase.
  7. Click Proceed to Checkout button available on the Paypal shopping cart.
  8. Log into your Paypal account or you can sign up a new Paypal account for FREE!
  9. Pay the exact amount as shown on Paypal in USD D-kidz’s official Paypal account:
  10. Please ensure all your details (name, email) and shipping address are written correctly. Please include recipient name if you are giving it as a present.
  11. Once your done paying to D-kidz, an email will be sent to D-kidz automatically by Paypal.
  12. D-kidz will then have to accept your payment sent via Paypal.
  13. D-kidz will contact you to confirm on the shipping details.
  14. Thank you for supporting D-kidz to purchase the original CDs. Your great support helps D-kidz to produce next future album.

Kammic Note:

Duplication of this CD by any individual or organization for personal or free distribution is a violation of the second Buddhist precept of “Taking what is not given” and also constitute an infringement of copyright law.