Know Us

D-kidz, the short form for Dhamma Kids. Is a platform for us to introduce Dhamma to children. Learning Dhamma should be a fun experience for kids. And at Viriya Production, we are committed to present the Teachings of the Buddha thru songs in a FUN, INTERACTIVE & SIMPLE (F.I.S) WAY.

Please use this site to access the information you need about the group and as a resource to know Buddha better. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you might have.


“Your Partner in Dhamma Education for Children”



To be the leader in the region as the provider and training center of effective children Dhamma education.



To bring forth the Dhamma to children in a creative way (that addresses their needs) through partnering and equipping Dhamma teachers & parents with effective Dhamma material and teaching methodologies.



  1. To create and foster an Experiential Dhamma learning environment for both adults and children.
  2. To achieve a “WOW” effect in our Children Dhamma class where Buddhism is taught in a Fun, Interactive & Simple (F.I.S.) manner.
  3. To develop effective curriculum, games, songs and material for children Dhamma class.
  4. To indentify and train Children Dhamma Class teachers in the proper usage and application of the above material in reaching out to the public.


Who Am I and What is My Mission?  

My name is Daniel Yeo and I grew up in a humble background. I was fortunate to have come into contact with Buddhism at an early age. It has influenced me in many ways which molded me into what I am today – a passionate Buddhist with a desire to spread the Buddha’s teaching to children. I had a dream for a long time to package Buddhism in a way appealing to kids. Coupled with my interest in music and compositions in music and songs, I decided on using music, a universal language, to spread Buddhism. Thus, the birth of my first creation: “Come and See” in 2005. Since its release and the positive feedback I got from listeners, old and young, I knew I have found a niche to spread Buddhism to children.


How D-kidz is Funded? 

The first production was funded out of pockets. Fortunately I am not alone. There is a small group of dhamma friends who share my passion and mission and together we got the first CDs released. However it is intended that subsequent productions have to be funded with the sales proceeds of the first release. All sales proceeds are channeled back 100% into the production of on-going releases of our new D-Kidz CDs.


How can YOU Help? 

Buy a copy for yourself and your family. Buy more copies as excellent gifts or help us sell to your friends but please DO NOT MAKE FREE COPIES. We need all the support we can get to continue the production of new CDs.

Kammic Note:

Duplication of this CD by any individual or organization for personal or free distribution is a violation of the second Buddhist precept of “Taking what is not given” and also constitute an infringement of copyright law.