How do we make payment for the products that we purchase?
At the moment, we only accept payment via PayPal.

What it the currency used on my purchases?
Currency used is USD$.

How do we get the products that we purchase?
We will deliver it right to your doorstep through a reliable courier service provider. 

Where do you deliver to?
Anywhere in the world.

When will the purchases be delivered?
We will deliver within the 2-3 working days after receiving payment. For international addresses, it will take 15 working days for the shipment to arrive. Please be reminded that delays in delivery may caused by sending your item to an address without a recipient present. It is always our recommendation to send your item to an address where you can sign to receive your goods. You may also appoint someone you trust to receive the delivery on your behalf. 

Which shipping services does D-kidz use?
We use Pos Malaysia registered mail.

Can I shop for family and friends if I live in another country?
Yes, you can! Just specify the delivery address and recipient’s name and we will deliver it for you. Works well as a surprise for that special someone!

Can I shop for family and friends of another country?
Yes you can.

Can I request you to send out the CDs as a gift to someone?
Yes of course. Let us know and we will be glad to help you in preparing it without any charges (FREE). We will prepare a gift card with your personalized message in it for any seasonal or special occasions too.

Can I request for special delivery dates?
Yes of course. If you require delivery on a special date, just email us your transaction date, amount you have bank in and specify your special delivery dates. Otherwise, we will send out your items once we receive your payment notification.

What if I do not receive my items?
You can track the items with a tracking number at Pos Malaysia website. The tracking number will be provided to you once we have sent out your goods. Also, you can email us to assist you in checking the shipment status.

Can I buy D-kidz CDs from Malaysia?
Yes. You can order directly from Sis Joey (residing in Penang) via emailing to her at joeybhy@gmail.com.

Any special purchase rates for Malaysians?
Yes. For more information please contact Sis Joey at joeybhy@gmail.com.

Can I buy D-kidz CDs from Singapore?
Yes. You can order directly from Bro Daniel Yeo at viriyaproductions@yahoo.com.sg about purchasing D-kidz CDs.

Any special purchase rates for Singaporeans?
Yes. For more information please contact Bro Daniel Yeo.

Is there any music sheets for some of the D-kidz songs? 
At the moment we don’t sell or provide the music sheets for D-kidz songs. In each CDs, we provide music tunes for sing-a-long session.


Kammic Note:

Duplication of this CD by any individual or organization for personal or free distribution is a violation of the second Buddhist precept of “Taking what is not given” and also constitute an infringement of copyright law.