Come and See 2

This time D-kidz rocks with these 8 totally new songs. This album is created based on a fiction story of Metta and her parents going to the temple. These tracks describe how Metta spends her Sunday morning at D-kidz Dhamma School.

Metta learns about the meaning of offerings to the Triple Gem and how one should be grateful of those who prepare food and mindful for not wasting food. She also celebrates birthday with her Dhamma Class friend – Gina. Her day ends with short discussion and dedication with her parents.


2. Sunshine of my Life
4. To the Temple we go
6. Offerings
8. Dhamma Is
10. Food Reflection
12. Birthday Wish
14. Happy Vesak
16. Nite Nite Triple Gem
*odd tracks are story telling
17-24. Sing along

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Kammic Note:

Duplication of this CD by any individual or organization for personal or free distribution is a violation of the second Buddhist precept of “Taking what is not given” and also constitute an infringement of copyright law.