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A Singaporean Buddhist reaches out to the world with his unique Buddhist songs specially designed for children.

Both my children absolutely love the ‘Hi-5’ series which offer fun and educational songs coupled with catchy dance moves. My 2 years old boy can sing and dance to part of the ‘Hi-5’ song. He can even imitate some of the dance moves. This proves that music or songs is a powerful tool in a child’s early education. I have read in an article that while children have fun learning through music, songs and dance; they teach children other important skills as well:

  • The numbers, letters and words introduced in songs help build memory and vocabulary
  • Music helps to develop listening and creativity skills
  • Music fosters math and reading skills through repetitive patterns in songs or dance
  • Dance helps to develop and strengthen memory and coordination skills

Children has long been going to Sunday Dhamma school to learn Buddhism like going to school. Old school teaching method does not cover all 4 types of children learning skills which are visual, kinesthetic, auditory and logical. Traditional teaching method only develops the visual, auditory and logical learning skills. Music and dance on the other hand develop all 4 learning skills. That is why children can easily pick up language, simple math, numbers, letters and new words via music. Learning music in groups also teaches children to cooperate and bond with other children.

The worldwide shortage of children English Buddhist songs has become more and more apparent when organizing children Buddhism camps and activities in the year 2000s. Filling the void in children English Buddhism songs became the passion of two people who stood up to the challenge to address this issue. They created the D-kidz album concept, grouped singers and gathered creative people to develop their D-kidz albums. Their hard work paid off when they launched the first story-based English Buddhist songs for children. Children loved it and so did their parents, until parents started asking for the next album. Who are these two people who created D-kidz albums?

They are Singaporean music producer and song writer, Daniel Yeo and Malaysian music producer, Ng Kang Kee. Both of them teamed up to present a brand new concept in children Buddhism songs. They came up with “Come & See” in April 2005. “Come & See” is a compilation of 8 contemporary children songs based on the life of Prince Siddhartha from His birth to His Enlightenment. The singers were young adults and children aged between 8 to 9 years old.

Since its launch, some 60,000 copies of “Come & See” series of CDs has been sold and has even made its way to USA, Korea, Germany, England, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Japan and Australia. “Come & See” children musical plays were held in Medan and Palembang in Indonesia in 2007.

Released in April 2007, “D-kidz Chant” is an interactive Buddhism (Pali language) chanting CD for both children and adults. In this CD, children are taught the value and meaning of Buddhism chants. This album has also proudly made its way to the iTunes online store.

“Come and See 2-To the Temple We Go” which was launched in Nov 2007, is a compilation of 8 contemporary songs which centers around positive character development and building a strong family bond. Songs such as “Birthday Wish” teaches children that giving is better than receiving expensive gifts for birthdays, stresses on the unconditional love of our parents and how one can repay their kindness. On the other hand, “Food Reflection” touches on being grateful and thankful for the food we eat daily and teaches one not to waste food.

Production work for the latest installment, “Come & See 3-Touched by love” has been completed. It centers around inspiring stories on how the Buddha reached out to people and even animals in ancient India. It was launched in Indonesia in September 2011. Another concert planned for Medan, Indonesia took place on the 4th March 2012. The Singapore launch concert took place on 15th April 2012 at the NTUC auditorium. A total amount of S$17,000 from ticket sales was donated to Mee Toh (Buddhist) school in Singapore.

We greatly love our work and the final product. Kindly listen to our humble work and share our vision and mission. You may sample our song/music collections . We have a total of 4 CDs – Come and See (The Life of Siddhartha)Come and See 2 (To The Temple We Go)Come and See 3 (Touched by Love) and D-kidz Chant (Three Refuges).

May the Blessings of the Holy Triple Gem be upon you and your family always. Sadhu!

Daniel Yeo








Bro Daniel Yeo

D-kidz Executive Producer


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Kammic Note:

Duplication of this CD by any individual or organization for personal or free distribution is a violation of the second Buddhist precept of “Taking what is not given” and also constitute an infringement of copyright law.