Buddhist Songs for Children

Children learn the most through songs. And they learn fast through songs too. We have the right Buddhist songs to teach your child/children about Buddhism in Fun, Interactive and Simple Way.  

Both you and I have faith in Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. And you and I have kid or kids who we would like to teach them about Buddhism. We don’t know how to teach Buddhism to our kid and that’s why we search over the Internet. And we search for ‘Buddhist songs for children’. I was lucky to know about D-kidz.com prior to having my 2 sons. It was a natural occurrence that I introduce my kids to D-kidz’s songs. My sons have benefited form D-kidz’s songs it and I know you will to.

I would like to share to you a discussion I had with a parent (KK). KK has been using D-kidz CD collection to teach his kid about Buddhism. Please read on why this parent chose to use D-kidz Buddhist songs collection to teach Buddhism to his kid.

Joey: When did you start and how did you learn about Buddhism?
KK: I started learning about Buddhism since I was 12yrs old and I attended Sunday Dhamma school at a temple near my home.

Joey: Do you think that your kid is still too young and is not ready to understand Buddhism?
KK: No, I think we should teach them about Buddhism since they are young.

Joey: Why would you play D-kidz songs to your kid?
KK: It is easy for my kid to sing along and understand. It has good, catchy tune which my kid likes to listen to. Though my young kid may not understand it fully, the catchy tune caught his attention. For older kids, the lyrics have deep meaning though for basic Buddhism. On a separate occasion, when my kid throws tantrum or gets agitated, D-kidz songs will calm him down when is agitate especially the song call Love and Peace to you. He likes the tune. And he feels he is in control of situation. He will be very excited and ask me and my wife to sing along at different time. He will say “Mummy, sing now.” “Daddy, sing now.” and “I will sing now.” From an agitated kid to become this calm, I am impressed with D-kidz songs.

Joey: Why would you introduce D-kidz to other parents?
KK: Kids like to listen to music or watch educational videos such as Hi-5, Little Einstein, or other educational music and songs. Why not Buddhist music? It will be their first phase of learning Buddhism. D-kidz has a good teaching or learning flow. From introduction of who is Buddha, what kids do at Sunday Dhamma school till learning about giving love and how to behave well. D-kidz message is very practical and is related to the normal live that we are living now. It is not serious thing like meditation which majority of modern kids will not want to dwell into at their young age.

My children, my husband and I have immensely benefited from D-kidz Buddhist music collections. Try listening to the sample songs here. Perhaps like me and my family, you and your family will find peace and love through D-kidz Buddhist music too!

You may sample our song/music collections . We have a total of 4 CDs:

  1. Come and See (The Life of Siddhartha),
  2. Come and See 2 (To The Temple We Go),
  3. Come and See 3 (Touched by Love) and
  4. D-kidz Chant (Three Refuges).


May the Blessings of the Holy Triple Gem be upon you and your family always. Sadhu!


Joey Boey







Joey Boey,

Mother of 2 boys, D-kidz Web Designer.

Penang Malaysia.


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Kammic Note:

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