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4-Steps Buddhism Learning System for Kids that will help your child effortlessly learn Buddhism, even if you only have a little knowledge of Buddhism yourself. 

Discover a unique approach that blends fun, interesting and simple way of learning Buddhism.

Kids who learn Buddha’s teachings grow into great thinkers and responsible persons. Buddhism for children teaches kids that good or bad situation didn’t happen by chance but due to their decision making instead. Learning to be responsible naturally teaches children to be self-reliant. Through Buddha’s teachings, a child also learns to be respectful of others and have loving kindness and compassion for animals and plants.

Kids learn fastest by following other kids or adults. They tend to imitate their parents’ actions and speech. Kids don’t know whether what they learn and do is right or wrong until adults advise them so. This is regarded as learning by example.


Children Learn by Example – Dr. Arthur Robinson

Studies show that kids who listen to music have strengthened memory. Learning through music and songs has been a proven method for children to pick up new skills, language and knowledge. When listened to repeatedly, they can soon sing the lyrics and do the accompanying actions of their all-time favorite children songs such as ‘Twinkle, Twinkle little stars… How I wonder what you are…” while swinging side to side and gesturing twinkling stars with their hands. The reason for this heightened learning process is because their feelings and emotions have enveloped the songs that they love. Feelings and emotions that take place are known to increase their memorizing capabilities.


The stronger the emotion connected with the experience, the stronger the memory of that experience (Jensen, 1998, p. 73). – Elizabeth B. Carlton

The 4-Steps Buddhism Learning System for Kids

D-kidz (Dhamma Kids) audio CD series combines learning by example and learning through songs to teach kids Buddhism.

Parents who use D-kidz audio CD series discover and gain obvious benefits in their child’s/children’s development. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Parents will be able to instill good character and good behavior in their child/children as Buddhism teaches kids to be responsible, self-reliant, respectful, loving, compassionate, generous, balanced and able to evaluate given advice.
  2. Parents can make kids learning experience fun, interesting and simple because between each song there are recorded interactive conversations (questions and answers included) between kids and adults about Buddha’s teachings.
  3. Parents will discover that their child/children can learn Buddhism within 3mins as kids learn and remember effectively through songs.
  4. Parents can build strong bonding with their child/children as parents are able to actively participate in a discussion with their child/children regarding the meaning of the songs, lyrics, and the recorded interactive conversations.
  5. Parents will soon find that their child/children will ask to listen to the audio CD over and over again like what our customers have experienced!


After being introduced to Buddhism through music via the Come and See CDs, my daughter actually wanted to participate in Dhamma classes. It was a great introduction. The CD has a number of child-friendly catchy tunes that made her want to go to D-Kidz Dhamma Class. Through her, I joined as a parent helper and really enjoyed the experience – it helped me with my spiritual growth too. We loved Come and See 2 and 3, and I still will play “the Chantings” in the car as I drive. I hope the rest of the world catches on to your Come and See CDs because it helps children understand Buddhism in an age appropriate way. We all are grateful to you for making Dhamma fun, accessible and interesting for children. Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu. – Miranda Rowlands – Singapore

There are a total of 4 albums in D-kidz CD series which touch different topics

  1. Come and See (The Life of Siddhartha),
  2. Come and See 2 (To The Temple We Go),
  3. Come and See 3 (Touched by Love) and
  4. D-kidz Chant (Three Refuges).

CD covers_Buddhism for Kids

How to Use the 4-Steps Buddhism Learning System for Kids?

In total, there are 28 songs which are all catchy and creatively written to teach kids about Buddhism.

As a start, it is advised that parents introduce D-kidz CD series to their child/children by playing the Come and See album first, followed by Come and See 2Come and See 3 and then D-kidz Chant.

After the child/children become familiar with D-kidz series, parents can use the CDs in any particular order per the child’s/children’s liking.

How Much is the 4-Steps Buddhism Learning System for Kids?

Each CD costs USD29.

If you purchase the entire series of 4 CDs, you get to save USD26; whereby the total cost is only USD89.90.

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Thanks to our customers who have tried D-kidz CDs, and here are their genuine comments:



I took the CDs and played them for my daughter. She loved them immediately and asked me to play them over and over. She sings along and she started asking to go to the temple again. She also memorized the ‘salutation to the Buddha’ from the CDs and could participate when monks chanted. Her favourite CD is Come and See 2 – she really enjoys the interaction between Gina and Metta. – John Stanley – Wauconda, Illinios, USA

Come & See  is one of the very good CD, beautifully written and produced in such that it can easily connect us with the wise and compassionate Buddha. Come & See 1 touch my heart deeply when I first listen to it. If you play Come & See along with the kids in the car and you will discover the lyric and songs can easily touch your children’s heart, and they will just sing along. Don’t just believe me, come and see yourself! – Chan Gwo Yann – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What a lovely album, Daniel! I am listening now to the children’s voices. Excellent production and recording. A captivating way of presenting the Buddha’s life story. Thanks for the lovely gift to all the Buddhist children of the world. – Datuk Dr Victor Wee – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am 35 yrs old mother of 2 boys, I loved these Buddhist kids songs and my 3yrs old son hum and sang along “Love and Peace to You”. Teaching kids and young adults about Buddhism, Buddha and Dhamma has never been this easy. And I can never do this with Dhammapada or heavy text books. They have great products to learn about Buddhism and can cater for kids until …adults. – Susan Boey from Penang, Malaysia. (Susan is our web designer and also designed 


Here are the temples who promotes D-kidz Albums to parents.

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Kammic Note:

Duplication of this CD by any individual or organization for personal or free distribution is a violation of the second Buddhist precept of “Taking what is not given” and also constitute an infringement of copyright law.